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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Financial Times reviews 'Rethinking Reputational Risk'

Stefan Stern has reviewed 'Rethinking Reputational Risk' for the Financial Times.

Introducing his review, Stern wrote:

"Th[is] book offers a thorough analysis of the many ways in which apparently unexpected crises can destroy businesses and reputations. Boards, chief executives and their managers may believe they have a firm grip on the risks they face. They should think again."

He continued:
"The book contains a series of detailed case studies of some of the best-known corporate crises of recent years .... The authors draw more than 30 lessons from their schadenfreude-free research."
before concluding:
"Businesses and executives are therefore vulnerable on a number of levels. They would do well to reflect on the serious messages contained in this well-argued book."
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